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» StabiliGrid® is an advanced, pervious, water-permeable alternative to concrete or asphalt paving.

» A soil stabilization ground reinforcement ecogrid system
» With agricultural and developmental applications
» Emergency and fire department access ways (with live grass)
» Grass parking, grass driveways, grass paving, and natural sidewalks
» Do-it-yourself installation in many applications!
» Ecologically friendly and environmentally sound paving alternative
Now, "Made in the USA!"
By American Business and American workforce
From American recycled materials
Same high-qualty you expect, American size (12" x 12")

starting April 2012, StabiliGrid® is "Made in the USA!"

StabiliGrid logo
StabiliGrid® advanced pervious, water-permeable alternatives to concrete or asphalt paving.

Soil stabilization, ground reinforcement system with agricultural and developmental applications: emergency ambulance or fire department access ways (with live grass, not dead weeds), grass parking lots, green grass driveways and sidewalks, water permeable, ecologically friendly and environmentally sound.
Ecologically friendly, environmentally sound.......
StabiliGrid grass paving grid for backyard parking
StabiliGrid firelane grass paving
StabiliGrid tree root protection for grass or gravel paving

Manufactured from recycled plastic:
Durable + lightweight | Strong + flexible.
StabiliGrid® is easy to handle, and easily adapted to fit most any shape.

Do it yourself friendly,
and we'll show you how it's done
Another eco-friendly use:
creating grass parking or
grass paving driveways.
There is no need to create a level area.
Its fast and easy installation saves both labor and cost.
Gravel surfaces:
 StabiliGrid® may be filled with high-drainage stone.  
This allows rainfall to percolate directly into the soil, as Nature intended, instead of creating stormwater runoff, which carries non-point source pollution into our rivers, lakes and streams.

LEED Points ...
Civil and Public Applications:
Low Environmental Impact Highway Construction
StabiliGrid® Sidewalks and footpaths = NO StormWater Runoff
Temporary or Permanent, Overflow or Occasional Parking on Grass Lawns
Do-it-Yourself Sidewalks and Margins
Low-Impact, Easy-to-Install Borders around buildings and houses
Go ahead, walk on the grass.  Park on the Grass.  Drive a tank on the grass.
Public transit tracks and access ways using StabiliGrid
Greenbuilt living grass roofs - defeat the heat island effect
Green Roofs using StabiliGrid - preserving our air and water.
Commercial buildings slope stabilization
Housing Development low-impact environmentally sound streets, driveways and approaches
Pervious asphalt highway verges and berms
Golf cart paths - pervious surfaces that are stronger than conventional paving.
Permeable, pervious reinforced work and play areas, storage and loading areas

Golf Course: grassed vehicular, pedestrian or golf cart paths.
Reduction of Design Execution/Construction Costs, by minimizing SWR Management diversion-retention-detention-treatment-infiltration features from the Architectural Design for truck centers, commercial or developmental projects, residential or civil construction projects.
Green Parking Lots, Concrete or Asphalt Water-Permeable Paving Alternative, Temporary Parking, Outdoor Ground Surface Treatments
Stone or Gravel Commercial Parking
Grass Commercial Parking
Landscaping & Terra-Forming
Sod Replacement
Construction Job Site loading and staging areas using StabiliGrid®

Tree root protection

StabiliGrid tree root protection for grass or gravel paving

Occasional, temporary, or overflow use

StabiliGrid temporary grass paving solution for park events

No-Runoff, No-Sedimentation Construction sites

StabiliGrid temporary grass paving for construction access

Civil or Business Offices, Universities, Public Commons or Fairgrounds
StabiliGrid overflow grass paving for childrens school employees in WA  
ADA handicap parking compliant!
StabiliGrid handicap gravel parking for conservation district in Kitsap WA